About a week ago, the president of the United States told a mostly sycophantic crowd “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.”

Really ?

For my purposes here, I  will disregard the marxist overtones in his statement and also excuse myself from the defence of successful business owners and the millions of americans who are successful in spite of  his or any government involvement .  I will not discount the very hard work and commitment it takes to open and operate a business. We did it. A couple of times. Its an all consuming enterprise which didnt work out as i imagined.

But that statement by obama got me to thinking  about my place in this scheme and that We all stand on the shoulders of giants.( a quote widely attributed to newton)

It is accepted as fact that hydrogen is 75 % of ALL THE MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE. It is also widely accepted that if and when we do contact other intelligent life  in the universe, we will communicate with them in the language of the hydrogen atom, and the physical laws of that atom . 40 years ago ,we even went so far as to put a schematic on  our spacecraft  of the hydrogen atom.The Pioneer space probe was the first man made object to archive escape velocity and leave  our solar system. It spoke , among other things, the language of the hydrogen atom.

I work with this hydrogen atom every day. I stand on the shoulders of the giants who developed this technology . I  manipulate the hydrogen atom  to achieve a human benefit and in doing so, I commune with the universe. This basic fact is lost on most, but not on me. Almost every element on earth was made in the heart of a star. During a supernova, when a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the resulting high energy environment enables the creation of some of the heaviest elements including iron and nickel. The explosion also disperses the different elements across the universe, scattering the stardust which now makes up planets including Earth. Our entire world , including us , is made from the dust of the stars.

There is an order to the universe. The laws of physics were identified and demonstrated by great giants of physics and now generally accepted as solid fact. There is this law called “conservation of energy” that states that energy can neither be created or destroyed.  I use this law everyday in my practice. In fact if it were not true, my systems could not work. But because of the law of conservation of energy, I am able to manipulate the hydrogen atom using radio frequency to obtain useful (and in some cases, life saving) information.  It is truly remarkable.

Using these facts, consider ourselves.

Our senses and our thoughts are, at its basic level, electro-chemical impulses. So The very force that animates us, our consciousness is an electro-chemical impulse. That is to say, energy. We are self aware because of energy,  our bodies are made of various forms of energy and we are inseparable from the universe because of energy. If we are to assume the law of conservation of energy to hold true through out the universe, the matter and electrical impulses that make up our cells and our thoughts will never be destroyed. As a matter of fact, we must have been around since the big bang. Just the assembly was different.

This concept is not mine. It has been explained by Buddhist and Hindu and Jesus. It has been explained by Newton and Einstein and Oppenheimer.

Churchill once said, “Men sometime stumble over the truth but most just pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.  Thats what obama did that evening in Virginia.  Pity he dosen’t understand how I did and didn’t build it all by myself & why I will live and not live forever , standing on the shoulders of giants yet standing on my own as well.