It was a disgusting story.  On july 10th, a 3 year old was “mugged” in his apartments’ lobby . A  gold chain with a baptism medallion , which was a gift from his godparents, was snatched from the childs neck. The thieves stalked the child and his mother from a distance. Like hyenas, they pounced when the prey was ripe for the taking.

It happened again this week. To a 2 year old this time. Again in brooklyn. The mother is pregnant and was with the child when a gun wielding savage snatched a necklace from the mother and a bracelet off the child. In an elevator.

The brazen lawlessness in these crimes is a mindset rampant in our society. Savages with the ethics of a wolf pack  are stalking and poaching life and treasure from those who appear  weaker . It’s darwinian in the extreme. Just a week ago in Colorado, an evil coward demonstrated this premise with extreme violence upon a vulnerable gathering of movie goers.

We have an obligation to defend ourselves and the civil society has little means to protect us against the many strains of predators who stalk our families.

The police is a reactive response and by it’s nature, too late and after the fact. It is also well known that the police are subjected to the corruptions of the human condition. The police are looking out for the police, not the citizens. Its obvious we cant depend on the police.

Laws are written and applied with mixed effects, at best. By definition, only law abiding citizens obey the law. Those in society who perpetrate the above mentioned crimes dont obey the law so more laws on the books are futile. Its obvious we cant depend on the law.

The buck stops with us. We must be vigilant, be awake and aware. When there is a reasonable chance  that the criminal wont sussceed or even survive an attack, perhaps thats the best deterrent. WE must speak in the native language of those who prey upon us if we are to protect those who rely on us.