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Dateline Lake Pontchartrain.. 28-08-2012 16:52 hrs.

 Winds gusting to abt 40 mph from Hurricane Isaac on the lake. The Hurricane is about 100 miles away at this time. Isaac makes Landfall tonight and it will be  over my house at about 7 am tomorrow morning.

I Lost cable and internet already but thanks to a generous (but unsuspecting) neighbor, I tapped into their network.

Elvis the hound dog has decided to join me inside. I’m glad he did. He is a good companion and a companion is among the vital equipment needed when you weather a hurricane.

MRE’s, bottled water, canned food, battery’s for flashlights and radio . I even have one of my boats here and ready in case of high water. Often included but not mentioned are the self protection equipment one needs in this day and time. Looters already poaching in the area make it imperative to be alert and ready to protect yourself and your property. Semper Paratus.

The radio just announced wide spread power outage in the area and I suspect I’m going down soon.

Then its gonna be a unique night. I look forward to a reflective night to enjoy the power of nature with those members of my family who didnt evacuate. (Elvis, Tigger, Leo and the birthday boy…. Cosmo)

I texted this picture to my 16 y/o and she said I make her nervous.

I’m not nervous., but sometimes I worry about Elvis.

I write this while in the bullseye of a hurricane. Not a massive storm (like Katrina in 2005)  just a minor threat and major inconvenience. We have these often and am used to them. I have been through dozens of hurricanes and respect their power. But  I dont evacuate. I tend to stay home and tend the neighborhood. I have the cats to see after and the dog to care for. My family has decided that a couple of days of heavy rain and the very real expectation of being without electricity for at least a couple of days was a good enough excuse to go visit family in the midwest.  They view it as a mini-vacation. They just left.

I Cant blame them.  It’s a challenge here in august without electricity and air conditioning. It may be out a week or more.

Ironic that 7 years ago today I was traveling into new orleans to extract my stubborn father, who also never would evacuate. That was the start of an odyssey  we will never forget.

Not expecting to spend the next 5 weeks like I did in 2005, but if it comes………

Semper Paratus

Sunday Haiku

The human spirit

soaring with happy courage

defies  convention

Pink Princess Hero

This might be the most inspired thing I read today.

“Baton Rouge surgeon, Catherine Baucom, MD of Elliot Mastology Center, was on her way to surgery at BRASS Surgery Center Wednesday morning when she found herself caught in the traffic caused by the accident that shutdown Interstate 10 early Wednesday morning.”

This news link from WFAB in Baton Rouge ,Louisiana covers the story.

“According to officials at BRASS Surgery Center, Dr. Baucom tried to navigate the gridlock to no avail, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Dr. Baucom remembered a friend that lived a few blocks from her position in the mayhem and made her way to his house. ”

She commandeered a kids bike and rode that bike (in the Louisiana august heat)  to her job, to serve others.

“It was hot pink and small,” Dr. Baucom said, describing the bike.  “The helmet was pink with princesses.” And ” she did utilize the plastic basket on front, to put her cell phone in.  Showed her experience with a bike.”

That is dedication and professionalism in the face of adversity on parade.

She explains “”A lot of our patients are women and they come in from out of town.  They’re very nervous, for different reasons.  So I felt like I needed to get there for them,”


What happens when your born a woman, but want to be a man?  You take hormones to change your features and elect to have your body mutilated into what your self image is satisfied with. But Then you want to be a homosexual man. ( you want to partner and love a man, even though you were born a woman and its perfectly reasonable for a woman to love a man. So now you want also to be a man AND a homosexual transgender man at that.)  Then you want to birth a baby with your “gay” male partner and breastfeed like a mother, even though you claim you are ” fully male” and a “regular dude”………. Where to begin.

“MacDonald was born a female but transitioned to a male at age 23 through a course of hormone treatments and chest contouring surgery. “I retained my female reproductive organs, but I felt (and still feel) fully male, and anybody seeing me on the street would never guess that I’m anything but a regular dude,” he writes in an Out Magazine article published in April. He also firmly identifies himself as a father, rather than a mother. “He also identifies himself as homosexual (“yes, I’m that complicated,” he quips) and wed his husband before becoming pregnant with their child. Before giving birth naturally he found about a breastfeeding method for women who’ve had mastectomies. Through SNS, a tubular device that connects a bottle to the nipple area so the child can simulate the experience of nursing, MacDonald began feeding his son, supplementing his own minimal production with lactation donations. ”

First, the disclaimers. I cant express how miniscule of a damm I could give if someone is heterosexual, homosexual or asexual.

However when a person insist on using their own baby as a prop in some bizarre political kabuki theatre of the absurd, sane people call that child abuse. This person has made several unconventional lifestyle choices and psychologist can determine the sanity of those, but when we go to the extremes to pretend to be breastfeeding an infant ,as we pretend to be a man, then I question the motivation. The political correctness of our culture will  default to accepting this unnatural combination of circumstances as someones “right” to choose how to live.  I see it differently. This person wants to be both a mother and a man. There is no such thing. It like wanting to be both a unicorn and a saytar. There are no such things and inventing them does not make them legitimate. Calling yourself a man and a mother does not make you a man or a mother. Just like calling yourself smart don’t make you smart or calling yourself tolerant or enlightened makes you tolerant or enlightened.

The abusive selfishness , moral confusion , self loathing , ignorance of nature and  contempt for nature demonstrated by this one person is fascinating. If this mother,( posing as a homosexual father) was taking this baby around to planned parenthood  clinics , rigging up the phony breastfeeding tube and pretending to breastfeed that child while using the baby to convince woman not to get an abortion, the political message would be construed differently. The moral equivalence wouldn’t be so politically correct to those who are pro abortion or those who now support this sort of  shock performance art as political statement.

In both cases it would be abusive to the child to use its innocense as symbolism, and child abuse should never be tolerated.

The Kansas City Star is introducing the University of Missouri fans to their new SEC conference opponents. This is an excellent look at the traditions and blemishes of my wife’s  beloved University Of Mississippi.

I attended Ole Miss as well. So did our oldest daughter this summer. It’s a great school and a great atmosphere. We were at that game Tre’ talks about in this article. I had to separate my wife from getting into a fist fight with a LSU fan that night. It was an awesome night. Until Eli tripped over his centers foot on the last play. But thats Ole Miss football….Hotty Totty baby !!

And Now comes this-

Five universities have partnered with Kellogg’s on limited edition Pop Tarts.

The boxes feature school logos and are being labeled “printed fun.” As one can guess, the flavor coincides with the school’s athletic team. (Seems like folks like strawberry…. A  LOT)

The flavors are as follows: Michigan’s Pop Tart flavor is Go Blue Strawberry; Georgia is Bulldog Berry; Arkansas is Razorback Red; Florida is Florida Gators Strawberry; and North Carolina is Tar Heel Blue. ( GO BLUE STRAWBERRY ?!?)

And speaking Of Michigan (and Centers), In 1994, # 48 was retired in honor of 38 who became democrat enemy #1 for pardoning 37.

Confused? You wont be after you read this-

Ford played center at Michigan from 1932 to 1934 and was named team MVP as a senior. He would later become the 38th President of the United States of America.

Mo knows, and it shows

Mo Isom, the reigning LSU homecoming queen and  Soccor team goalie is again trying to find a roster spot on the LSU football squad.

Coach Miles said she is a strong candidate and a final decision will be made this week. She is quite an athlete and also quite a story.

“Finished her four-year career as the most decorated goalkeeper in the history of
the LSU Soccer program … Made 69 starts in 73 appearances in goal for the
Tigers from 2008-11 … Wrapped up her career as the school-record holder with
43 wins, 30 shutouts, 235 saves and a 0.86 goals against average for her
four-year career … Ranked No. 4 on the SEC’s all-time list with 30 career
shutouts at the end of her tenure … Set school single-season records with 15
wins and 12 shutouts as a sophomore in 2009 … Her 12 shutouts in 2009 is tied
for the No. 3 spot on the SEC’s all-time single-season list … Was a three-time
SEC Defensive Player of the Week and two-time SEC Freshman of the Week during
her career … Twice recognized for her performance in the classroom with a
selection to the SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2010 and 2011 … Graduated from LSU
in December 2011 with her degree in mass communication with a concentration in
broadcast journalism.”

Mo was a sensation with her ” mo versus” series-

Greetings from the library room. Todays installment highlights Bill Bryson’s fabulous book, A Short History Of Nearly Everything.

Bill Bryson realized one day that he didn’t know much. He had never (until then) considered the how and why of our world and set about to do just that. This book is that entertaining expedition. Traveling through the subjects of chemistry, physics,geology,paleontology ,astronomy and elsewhere. From the big bang to the rise of civilization, Bryson presents us with the great stories of the sciences and the people making the sciences.  This book is a delight for the inquiring mind, entertaining and thought-provoking. It’s a great addition to any autodiadact’s library.

Some quotes:

“There are three stages in scientific discovery.  First, people deny that it is true, then they deny that it is important; finally they credit the wrong person.”

“Tune your television to any channel it doesn’t receive and about 1 percent of the dancing static you see is accounted for by this ancient remnant of the Big Bang. The next time you complain that there is nothing on, remember that you can always watch the birth of the universe.”

“Protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality.”

“It is a curious feature of our existence that we come from a planet that is very good at promoting life but even better at extinguishing it.”

“Your pillow alone may be home to 40 million bed mites. (To them your head is just one large oily bon-bon). And don’t think a clean pillow-case will make a difference… Indeed, if your pillow is six years old–which is apparently about the average age for a pillow–it has been estimated that one-tenth of its weight will be made up of sloughed skin, living mites, dead mites and mite dung.”

“even with the most conservative inputs the number of advanced civilizations just in the Milky Way always works out to be somewhere in the millions”.

The writer explains the things he discovered-

From Carl Jung:

“The anima is a feminine image in the male psyche and the animus is a male image in the female psyche. The anima/animus represents the “true self” rather than the image we present to others and serves as the primary source of communication with the collective unconscious. The combination of the anima and animus is known as the syzygy, or the divine couple. The syzygy represents completion, unification and wholeness.”

In my years of marriage, I’ve come to understand a few things. Not the least of which is the confidence of knowing that my responsibility is to be me and her responsibility is to be her. If nature is to be trusted at all, us being ourselves will work.