American gold medal winners will pay the IRS up to $8,986. Silver medal  winners will pay up to $5,385. Bronze medal winners will pay up to  $3,502.

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The United States IRS will be pimping out the olympic athletes in the UK these couple of weeks. Any winnings will be taxed and the IRS will see to it that they get their money!

As far as i can tell, the US is the only developed nation that taxes worldwide income earned overseas by its citizens so other countries dont confiscate the winnings of their athletes under the fig-leaf of income tax.

So Gold medalists and Olympic champions in womans gymnastics Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, McKalaya Maroney, Alexandra Raisman, Kyla Ross all owe the IRS a collective $ 44, 930 dollars for their remarkable victory in london.

The health care law just “approved” by the supreme court funds over 14,000 new IRS agents to enforce it’s mandates, but ironicly doesn’t fund the first doctor.

Big Pimpin !!!