First, a test.

Look at the image above. Cover your left eye and look at the image on the left. Looking directly at the circle you can see the plus sign in the periphery.  As you move closer to the circle , the image on the right will disappear at a certain distance and then re appear again as you move even closer.  This Blind spot exist in every one’s field of vision and is due to the physical mechanics of vision. The area where the optic nerve inserts , has no rods and cones ,so that area of the retina is “blind”.

There is an epidemic of visual deficiencies  optic neuropathy   Willful blindness  in the who-dat nation. It seems a super majority of saints fans are blind when it comes to the so-called bounty program the saints ran for the past 3 years and the guilt and shame Sean Payton has brought to the fleur-de-lis.

Through the wale of agony and gnashing of teeth, a lot of my brothers and sisters cant see or refuse to accept that our beloved football franchise was corrupted by unethical skullduggery. The situation is said but true.

Exhibit A : Mike Ornstein.

The twice convicted felon with a history of fraud. There is no dispute that  the NFL has the emails ornstein sent  sean payton on Sept. 3 2011 from the federal prison where he  was serving time for scalping superbowl tickets and scheming  to sell fake NFL licencing products.  It promised $5,000 for Saints players who delivered hard hits on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the N.F.L.’s season-opening game a few days later.   The second message, sent a month  after the felon ornstein had been transferred to a halfway house, pledged $5,000 for hits on Carolina quarterback Cam Newton when the Saints faced the Panthers.

These emails are the smoking gun for this reason: they were sent not by a Saints player or coach, but by what the league called a “close associate” of Payton, an indication that the bounty mentality was so pervasive that even someone with no professional affiliation with the team knew about it.

Ornstein is also the same guy who paid for reggie bush’s family to live in a southern california  home during bush’s days at USC. That relationship cost Bush his Heisman and tainted his reputation and that of Southern Cal football. Thats how payton meet ornstein. Ornstein was bush’s de-facto “agent”. Ornstein is the poster boy for sleeze-bag manipulator and his close association with payton and the saints is despicable.

Exhibit B:  Tacit Admission.

The silence is deafening. Both Gregg Williams and Sean Payton have remained silent. Their artifice to accept the harsh and expensive punishment is calculated to minimize long term damage, imo. Gregg Williams may be banned for life from the NFL, but can find work in the many other ranks of football and make a fine living scheming blitzes and dogs and giving profanity laced speeches of “kill the head” etc. Payton will be back next year to collect his 6 million a year to coach a kids game. These guys know its much more lucrative to lay low and this too, shall pass. There is a very old legal principle that silence gives consent. An innocent man would loudly deny these serious charges and the theory holds that a suspect silent in the face of an accusation has tacitly admitted the crime. These guys know they are busted.

Exhibit C: The concussion lawsuit.

The NFL is a billion dollar a year business. It is protected by the best lawyers money can buy. It is foolish to believe they would act impetuous regarding serious allegations and public humiliation of its members. There is a huge lawsuit from ex-players Vs. the NFL  involving concussions and the league is mindful of its image vis-a-vis player protection. It is after all a workplace and therefore obligated to maintain the proper safety standards reasonable in that environment. The NFL can’t tolerate even the hint of compromise in player safety and the body of evidence against the saints with this bounty program dictates severe action if the league is to maintain any credibility .

I could continue but the point is made. There is overwhelming evidence that the commissioner and the NFL have the goods on payton and the saints re; this bounty program.

Those of us who choose to be objective can easily accept that payton allowed this stain on our program. I can forgive him and accept he is a football coach doing what coaches do. When I played, it was considered a legitimate strategy  to take out the other teams quaterback or their best player. No surprise in that. That is a violent solution in a violent game. We love the violence in football and pay a kings ransom to the folks who bring us that violence. But we have to be accountable to the governing body of the league.

Sean payton is not the jesus of the who-dat religion, only an apostle. Not a judus but more of a simon-peter. While some of us think emperor Nero has crucified him upside down unjustly, He has built the “catholic” ( read universal) church of competitive  saints football and so he sits as pope. If only he would quit selling indulgences.