Tonight at about 8:30 pm local time super science and the Bright stuff of dreams mingle as the Mars curiosity rover lands on the fourth rock from our sun.

“Descent from the top of Mars’ atmosphere to the surface will employ bold
techniques enabling use of a smaller target area and heavier landed payload than
were possible for any previous Mars mission. These innovations, if successful,
will place a well-equipped mobile laboratory into a locale especially
well-suited for this mission of discovery. The same innovations advance NASA
toward capabilities needed for human missions to Mars.”

Hit that link and be amazed.

I love these adventures into the cosmos. We know we live on a tiny planet orbiting  One of 200 billion  of such stars  in the milky way galaxy. The Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies in our universe. There are as many galaxies, as there are stars in the Milky Way.  Lets sit and think about that for a second and let it sink in.

The brilliant Steven Hawking forwards the notion of a multiverse, Where ours is but one of many possible universes.. His M-theory is both compelling and revolutionary.

The question of “life” elsewhere is a rhetorical one, in my opinion. We have the laws of nature to prove we are ourselves made from the dust of the stars and those laws also demonstrate that at our basic component level, we “live” in the far flung reaches of our universe. It’s mind-blowing to realize these facts.

When the curiosity rover descends on Mars , it begins a 2 year adventure of geology. I am rooting for anthropology and metaphysics.

I’m wanting contact .