One of my favorite Quotes comes from convicted felon and 4 time Governor of Louisiana, Edwin  W. Edwards. Before  casinos were allowed in Louisiana, Edwards loved to gamble in Las Vegas. He would fly there for weekends when he was the Gov, and the Louisiana press would howl and snort and ask  stupid questions like ” Governor  Do you have a gambling addiction”? To which Edwards once replied “ I ride horses when I go to my ranch, that don’t make me a cowboy”.

Well…..Giddy Up !

The Gov. is 4 score and 5 years today. He is fresh out of federal prison where he served  8 1/2 years of a 10 year hitch  for selling Louisiana casino licences. (So in that respect maybe those questions about a gambling problem weren’t so dumb)

In prison, an obviously enterprising & attractive 3o year old single mother of 2 contacted him and a love story bloomed. The now 85 year old Edwards announced that he and his  now 32 year-old 3rd wife are planning on having a baby. It says thru artificial means but I’m guessing the old Gov. is gonna  saddle up one more time and ride like the bad ass cowboy he is-

One does have to wonder what 32 year old Trina Grimes Scott Edwards gets out of this marriage.

I suspect Edwards has money buried all over this state. He was even mentioned in the “win or lose corporation” Texaco scandal that has paid some heirs of  Huey Long and other Louisiana families over 800 Million dollars during the last 7 or 8 decades.  Edwards served as an attorney for Texaco, the company doing the drilling on State Lease 340 – This is but one link to shady deals and schemes E.W.E had working. It’s easy to find others, He is notorious.

Another favorite quote is an old  cowboy sayin. ” Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance”