Today was meet the parents day. My daughter ( a high school junior) was asked to accompany a high school senior to his ring dance. She asked us for permission and I suggest we meet this young man first.

She was a bit perplexed at my insistence. She has had some friends that were boys but not any boyfriends. She has even been on a “date” to a dance last year. She assumed the “meet the parents” ritual was over long ago. She was wrong.

I dont want to intimidate the young man or embarrass my daughter but I have to insist to know who she is “out” with and they will also know who her father is. I remember being a high school senior and there is nothing new under the sun. I dont have a son and frankly I admit I would be different with a son. I don’t see it as inconsistent. Different social constructs &  different genders exhibit different behaviors.

He seemed a well mannered young man, good sense of humor and respectful in answering my questions on life goals and interest. He is from an obviously good home and has promise of a good future. Not pretentious or arrogant. Not phony. In a word………… Honest.

Things could be a lot worse here, i tell myself. She could be wanting to go with a host of other types who would indeed stir my protective instincts to full effect. This kid seemed O.K . But one shady move and he’s going down to Chinatown !!!