The never intelligent Joe Biden was in rare idiocy today, claiming republicans will “put ya’ll back in chains”.

This is a day or so removed from when he claimed his republican Vice presidential opponent is “a decent man” ..”who just has different ideas” .   Which is it Joe? Is he a slave master whose a decent man or a idea man with a fetish for domination? One  wonders….

But of what use is the vice-president ?

The first Vice- President, John Adams called it “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.”

John Nance Garner felt being FDR’s Vice President was  “not worth a pitcher of warm piss.

The  job is  “going to weddings and funerals” as then Vice-President Harry S. Truman described it.

Joe Biden fails to even meet the above mentioned standards.

The only job as inconsequential as Vice President must be senator from Delaware. The man of infinite stupidity was elected to the senate from Delaware in 1972 and has been on the public dole ever since. He has been running for President since 1988 when he was laughed off the campaign trail by plagiarizing not only a british politicians speech, but ripping off facts about the guys life and attributing it to himself.(Biden thought ( I guess ) that no one would notice ).  As Vice President, Joe has made dozens of offensive and plain stupid statements about disabled people, foreign born business owners and foreign born workers. Joe Dropped the F bomb in a conversation with the President of the United States, on national television no less.  The guy is a buffoon and demonstrates it everyday. It’s a reflection on obamas’ judgement and the democratic party that Joe is allowed to represent the current administration. Joe is fun comic relief, but seriously….  obama picked the dumbest  white guy he could find as V.P  for some sort of insurance policy. It guaranties no one would want to oust obama in favor of the vain-glorious jester, joe biden.

The conservatives and the Tea Party types are jazzed with Romneys’ pick of Paul Ryan. So am I. Paul Ryan is a statesman , a true conservative and one who can explain conservatism so well that even Joe Biden says he understands it. I would go as far as to say Paul Ryan would make one of the greatest vice-presidents in U.S. History. But that’s not saying much.