What happens when your born a woman, but want to be a man?  You take hormones to change your features and elect to have your body mutilated into what your self image is satisfied with. But Then you want to be a homosexual man. ( you want to partner and love a man, even though you were born a woman and its perfectly reasonable for a woman to love a man. So now you want also to be a man AND a homosexual transgender man at that.)  Then you want to birth a baby with your “gay” male partner and breastfeed like a mother, even though you claim you are ” fully male” and a “regular dude”………. Where to begin.


“MacDonald was born a female but transitioned to a male at age 23 through a course of hormone treatments and chest contouring surgery. “I retained my female reproductive organs, but I felt (and still feel) fully male, and anybody seeing me on the street would never guess that I’m anything but a regular dude,” he writes in an Out Magazine article published in April. He also firmly identifies himself as a father, rather than a mother. “He also identifies himself as homosexual (“yes, I’m that complicated,” he quips) and wed his husband before becoming pregnant with their child. Before giving birth naturally he found about a breastfeeding method for women who’ve had mastectomies. Through SNS, a tubular device that connects a bottle to the nipple area so the child can simulate the experience of nursing, MacDonald began feeding his son, supplementing his own minimal production with lactation donations. ”

First, the disclaimers. I cant express how miniscule of a damm I could give if someone is heterosexual, homosexual or asexual.

However when a person insist on using their own baby as a prop in some bizarre political kabuki theatre of the absurd, sane people call that child abuse. This person has made several unconventional lifestyle choices and psychologist can determine the sanity of those, but when we go to the extremes to pretend to be breastfeeding an infant ,as we pretend to be a man, then I question the motivation. The political correctness of our culture will  default to accepting this unnatural combination of circumstances as someones “right” to choose how to live.  I see it differently. This person wants to be both a mother and a man. There is no such thing. It like wanting to be both a unicorn and a saytar. There are no such things and inventing them does not make them legitimate. Calling yourself a man and a mother does not make you a man or a mother. Just like calling yourself smart don’t make you smart or calling yourself tolerant or enlightened makes you tolerant or enlightened.

The abusive selfishness , moral confusion , self loathing , ignorance of nature and  contempt for nature demonstrated by this one person is fascinating. If this mother,( posing as a homosexual father) was taking this baby around to planned parenthood  clinics , rigging up the phony breastfeeding tube and pretending to breastfeed that child while using the baby to convince woman not to get an abortion, the political message would be construed differently. The moral equivalence wouldn’t be so politically correct to those who are pro abortion or those who now support this sort of  shock performance art as political statement.

In both cases it would be abusive to the child to use its innocense as symbolism, and child abuse should never be tolerated.