The Kansas City Star is introducing the University of Missouri fans to their new SEC conference opponents. This is an excellent look at the traditions and blemishes of my wife’s  beloved University Of Mississippi.

I attended Ole Miss as well. So did our oldest daughter this summer. It’s a great school and a great atmosphere. We were at that game Tre’ talks about in this article. I had to separate my wife from getting into a fist fight with a LSU fan that night. It was an awesome night. Until Eli tripped over his centers foot on the last play. But thats Ole Miss football….Hotty Totty baby !!

And Now comes this-

Five universities have partnered with Kellogg’s on limited edition Pop Tarts.

The boxes feature school logos and are being labeled “printed fun.” As one can guess, the flavor coincides with the school’s athletic team. (Seems like folks like strawberry…. A  LOT)

The flavors are as follows: Michigan’s Pop Tart flavor is Go Blue Strawberry; Georgia is Bulldog Berry; Arkansas is Razorback Red; Florida is Florida Gators Strawberry; and North Carolina is Tar Heel Blue. ( GO BLUE STRAWBERRY ?!?)

And speaking Of Michigan (and Centers), In 1994, # 48 was retired in honor of 38 who became democrat enemy #1 for pardoning 37.

Confused? You wont be after you read this-

Ford played center at Michigan from 1932 to 1934 and was named team MVP as a senior. He would later become the 38th President of the United States of America.