I write this while in the bullseye of a hurricane. Not a massive storm (like Katrina in 2005)  just a minor threat and major inconvenience. We have these often and am used to them. I have been through dozens of hurricanes and respect their power. But  I dont evacuate. I tend to stay home and tend the neighborhood. I have the cats to see after and the dog to care for. My family has decided that a couple of days of heavy rain and the very real expectation of being without electricity for at least a couple of days was a good enough excuse to go visit family in the midwest.  They view it as a mini-vacation. They just left.

I Cant blame them.  It’s a challenge here in august without electricity and air conditioning. It may be out a week or more.

Ironic that 7 years ago today I was traveling into new orleans to extract my stubborn father, who also never would evacuate. That was the start of an odyssey  we will never forget.

Not expecting to spend the next 5 weeks like I did in 2005, but if it comes………

Semper Paratus