Dateline Lake Pontchartrain.. 28-08-2012 16:52 hrs.

 Winds gusting to abt 40 mph from Hurricane Isaac on the lake. The Hurricane is about 100 miles away at this time. Isaac makes Landfall tonight and it will be  over my house at about 7 am tomorrow morning.

I Lost cable and internet already but thanks to a generous (but unsuspecting) neighbor, I tapped into their network.

Elvis the hound dog has decided to join me inside. I’m glad he did. He is a good companion and a companion is among the vital equipment needed when you weather a hurricane.

MRE’s, bottled water, canned food, battery’s for flashlights and radio . I even have one of my boats here and ready in case of high water. Often included but not mentioned are the self protection equipment one needs in this day and time. Looters already poaching in the area make it imperative to be alert and ready to protect yourself and your property. Semper Paratus.

The radio just announced wide spread power outage in the area and I suspect I’m going down soon.

Then its gonna be a unique night. I look forward to a reflective night to enjoy the power of nature with those members of my family who didnt evacuate. (Elvis, Tigger, Leo and the birthday boy…. Cosmo)

I texted this picture to my 16 y/o and she said I make her nervous.

I’m not nervous., but sometimes I worry about Elvis.