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The Obama administration notified Congress on Friday that it would provide Egypt’s new government an emergency cash infusion of $450 million U.S. Taxpayer dollars. Why? who knows? He promised egypt a billion in aid. This comes only 2 weeks after savage islamist stormed our embassy in Cairo, occupied it by burning old glory and hoisting the al-Qaeda flag , ALL ON  9-11. The new government in egypt is dominated by the muslin brotherhood. The same muslim brotherhood who has vowed to impose sharia law on the world , is now starting by collecting the jizya tax from the  obama administration after it has conquered the U.S.  embassy. This is an outrage.

Yesterday, a CNN /MSNBC “reporter” was arrested in the NYC subway for vandalizing this anti-jihadist ad-

The CNN/MSNBC “reporter” who vandalized these ads in the NYC subway is a good example of the political agenda of both CNN and MSNBC.  To the left, it’s considered racist to identify evil (jihad) and ask decent people to condemn it. To the left, propaganda trumps facts and reality is but a narrative, constructed to dupe the gullible and advance the leftist/marxist/fascist agenda.  “Anyone who speaks about jihad and Shariah is attacked, defamed, destroyed,”

Look carefully at the sign. It does NOT mention islam or muslims.It clearly states  who the savages are. It equates jihad with savagery. And to deny jihad is not savagery is to deny reality.

A cruel fact is that not all muslims are jihadist. But all jihadist are muslims. It is way past time the civilized muslims condemn jihad and reject the jihad. Until the jihadist are defeated, they will be no freedom or peace for any of us. But here we have another western “reporter” being a useful idiot to the marxist/fascist/leftist agenda. The media sets the agenda, and the media is the message. It happens every day.

Sunday Haiku

                 as the stars look down

                 I look up and celebrate

              my place in it all

Hurricane Isaac brought mostly rain and some property damage. The dilapidated structure next door ;riddled with termite damage, failed and crushed my roof. It damaged several rafters and roof deck planks. Took out some of my toys and left us a ridiculous mess.

It also brought with it an opportunity I was not expecting and am delighted to share. It introduced me to an interesting fellow we will call Freddy.

Freddy is from Veracruz Mexico. He is about 35 years old and a master craftsman. Polite, professional,talented and a perfect example of why America Is still the last best hope of the world.  Veracruz sits on the gulf of mexico in southern mexico about 2 hours from mexico city. It looks like paradise. Tropical sandy white beaches and blue water. It is a resort town with wealth but rife with corruption.  Freddy cant make a living there. The corrupt mexican government allows those “kingpins” (as freddy calls ’em) to run every permit and construction job. Its described to me as a fiefdom, where the local warlord and his cronies dole out favors upon the serfs and swim in graft and kickbacks as the general population live as peasants. The situation is so bad, Freddy has abandoned his teaching job at some sort of Vo-tech school to come to these United States and make a living. He works with  family here. A son, cousins and an uncle. His wife is there, unwilling to leave her mother and that part of the family behind. Freddy  and the men here support the entire clan with what they earn here but its a constant scheme of skullduggery and concealment from the local criminals who operate with the state’s authority. It is a heartbreaking story of oppression and exploitation. It is also a great story of  moral triumph. Freddy is a good man and rejected the temptation to exploit others for his own comfort. He is so intelligent he could have easily have fallen in with the gangs and been a gang leader. He shows his leadership skill while working his crew. He has rejected that life of crime and traveled to the land of opportunity  where he now teaches his son the craft of homebuilding and the most important lessons a father can teach . That on how to be not just a man of wealth, but a man of value. Those American values of Life , Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what attracts people like Freddy to these United States. Where still he can ply his trade and provide a vital service. Where he can  be compensated fairly for his labor and operate free from the specter of the state confiscating all of his labor to line their own pockets.

We must be vigilant against those who would undermine our birthright and limit our freedoms as American Citizens.

Freddy may be a mexican citizen but most importantly, he is a shining example of American exceptionalism.


It happens all too often. Obama says one thing while the truth is totally different. There are hundreds of documented lies told by Obama. It is as though dupes and sycophants crave the deceit. It is a disgusting indication also that the leftist media cover and promote the deceit and usurption of american citizens.

A week after it was known, the Washington Post  now reports “The U.S. ambassador and three other Americans killed last week in Libya died “in
the course of a terrorist attack,” a senior U.S. intelligence official told lawmakers Wednesday.

But just the night before, obama is on letterman denying it and trying to blame the terrorist attacks on some retarded cheap YouTube video-

The real story of the attacks coinciding with 9-11 is not mentioned nor is the horrible rape and torture of our ambassador. Obama dont mention it and his lapdog press stenographers dont mention it. The media sycophants dont ask why our embassies were left vulnerable , given the fact the united states government had ample intelligence to conclude there was an iminite danger to American interest and citizens in the region.

The first tuesday in november cant come fast enough !


Obama blames Bush for the Fast and Furious gun walking program… Another blatant LIE.

Sunday Haiku

a world on fire

geopoliticus child

hopes for nirvana

For me, there is no greater joy than playing with my children. We play football, softball, volleyball,badminton, tennis,  krav maga, ride bikes , shoot pool etc,etc,etc. We are an active and competitive bunch.

Add to that, There is a special joy associated in competing with them on a level playing field. The fairest fights are in running.

My 16 year old daughter is a good case in point. We have run several 10k’s together and although she is more a sprinter than a jogger, we compete!  Sometimes she gets the better of it, sometimes not. Our styles are vastly different. I am slow and steady. Average abt 10.5 /min mile. She can burst abt a 7 min mile but struggles stringing a few of those together. Like most kids, she shuns advice of “pace” and “rhythm”.  I try to convey my notion of “jogging meditation” and to enjoy the grind of the moment at a pace both efficient yet challenging at whatever level your at. I actually get into a zen type meditation groove as I concentrate not on the distance but on the moment. It is sooo much more enjoyable when she runs with me because i realize the impermanence of our opportunities to do this as she gets older and i treasure every second of those competitive runs. She sprints ahead to open up abt a 1/4 mile lead then she shuts down till I catch up. She might spot me a few hundred yards then sprint past like she is lo lo jones. I smile and wave as she repeats these intervals.

When she was very little we used to read about the tortoise and the hare. I use that parable  now to try and council pace and rhythm.  Slow and steady wins the race,etc. She says “tell that to the Kenyans” and repeats an observation she had as a 5 year old. “That story is ridiculous anyway, who would take a nap in the middle of a race ?!?

I may can fault her running style, but I  certainly cant fault her logic.

Carney: Protests not directed at the United States.

As we have said on 9-11-12, these are coordinated Terrorist attacks.

Good Grief !! The spin doctors want to set the narrative of some obscure you tube video is to blame for this outbreak of islam’s true identity. The facts are otherwise. The administration and their ministers of propaganda are hoping we are gullible and credulous. Don’t be fooled. These are terrorist attacks.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed the savages who dragged the American ambassadors’  body through the streets of Benghazi after he was murdered were “taking him to the hospital”. That is ridiculous and stupid. She continues to ignore islamofacism and the takeover of North Africa by the muslim brotherhood.

It is now apparent that the attack was coordinated and planned to coincide with the 9-11 terrorist attacks.It is also apparent Clinton is a blatant liar or a pitiful dupe. Either way, she is a disgrace and unfit to serve as secretary of state. We desreve better.

If our government cant even admit the Islamist savages who murdered and desecrated the dead bodies of american citizens are guilty of that obvious terrorist act, how can we believe a word they say? Or trust them with our family’s security ?

The compliant and sycophantic press are doing backflips trying to cover for the obama administrations’ incompetence. The foolish notions of “arab spring” and other leftist fantisies are dangerous and intended to deceive. It is truly despicable to witness this criminal neglect and willful blindness by our government  and its propaganda machine in the media as this sad history repeats itself.

Obama is the 2nd Carter term. Economic misery at home, high unemployment  and now complete with embassy attacks and surrendering to the islamofacist who attacked the embassy. And as carter lost Iran as an ally, Obama has lost Libia AND Egypt.

Obama also assured The islamofacist leader of Egypt (Morsi) that the 1.2 BILLION in U.S. Taxpayer “aid” will keep flowing, all the while our embassy in Cairo is overrun with  islamofacist . A blatant act of war. They removed the people and took Old Glory down and replaced it with an islamofacist flag. So now we  tolerate obama funding America’s enemies with american taxpayer dollars. Today  The attacks on our embassy in Cairo continue.

UPDATE: The U.S. Embassy in Yemen is now under seize by islamofacist.

What will obama do about this ?      Nothing .     He is busy playing golf and campaigning and  blaming others for his failures.