It is with great humility and sincere thank yous that I today write to those kind folks from around the world who have send their best wishes and words of inspiration and encouragement this past week. I am very new to blogging and am amazed the reach my little site has achieved. Thank all of you for following this blog and wishing me well.

A category 1 Hurricane is a serious storm. Years ago I learned that nature is much more powerful than man and is not to be trifled with. We survived very well and tolerated the inconvenience of hurricanes as best we could. The electricity was out for 5 days, but we maintained fresh water supply and that is more important than electricity.

We did suffer some property damage. when  a section of our neighbors house

collapsed on top of our house. It took out a portion of the roof. It also killed one of our boats and my motorcycle.

Some inside damage occurred after impact.

Sheetrock fell and the like, but I quickly tarped the damage as the storm would allow, offering some relief from the squalls, so the loss was contained to the falling bricks and not exacerbated by rain damage. It was an exhilarating challenge to tarp that roof during a hurricane but I managed to do just that.                             Good times… Good times….