Matt Ridley, the rational optimist concludes we can have an improving environment and improved living standards. The slight increase in Co2 (.0002 %) in the atmosphere can be linked to More plant growth, more agricultural production, more food and unparalleled abundance. We now use 1/3 less land for farming yet produce considerably more. New England used to be 70% farmland, now it’s 70% woodland. Vietnam, The United Kingdom and other countries are re-foresting. The amazon rainforest and even places in Africa are enjoying a net greening.
Add to that the abundance of carbon based energy sources( he calls it fossil fuels but I maintain that as a misnomer and refuse to use the term) have made the lives of planet earth dramatically better while easing the exploitation of animals for fuel and clothing,etc and his case is compelling.
Conventional wisdom is that the environment is a zero sum game, clearly there is evidence to the contrary.