The governor of Colorado signed a mostly toothless firearms limitation bill into law yesterday. Toothless in the respect that it will not deter one crime or deter one criminal. Statics show that it wont. Colorado law enforcement officials have gone on record state wide to say they will not enforce the vague letter and superficial spirit of the law. What this law will do, and the tragedy of such laws, is it will force law abiding citizens to surrender some of their liberty or become petty lawbreakers. Those who are the intended targets of the law are lawless anyhow, so it’s safe to assume they will ignore it. Those citizens complying with the law will be at a tactical disadvantage in the unlikely event of an armed confrontation. It also will cause economic damage to Colorado. One example is this law is forcing magazine-maker Magpul Industries to desert its plant about 30 miles from Denver. They now make an illegal product. Goodbye to those jobs and that tax base and the thousands of unintended consequences attached to it.

Noted plagiarist, political gaff machine and court jester Joe Biden intervened to twist some arms in the Colorado state house in order to pass this bill. Why would the federal government take an interest in the affairs of a Colorado? We know why. The remorseless advance of the statist agenda is served by these restrictions. The question I ask is why do we tolerate such usurpation of our Constitution? In the process of denying the 2nd amendment rights to citizens in Colorado, the Whitehouse also violated the 9th and 10th amendments to our constitution. 3of the big 10! 30 % of our inalienable rights were violated in just this one instance!

The constitution and its amendments are protections FOR the citizen FROM the Tyranny of an overbearing federal government. The violation of our civil rights perpetrated in this case is outrageous. Once upon a time in the west, a man’s word was his bond and the law of the west was applied down the barrel of a gun. Today in the west, the de rigueur is feel good reactions doing more harm than good: masquerading as solutions. The result is violence to our constitution, violence to the law abiding citizen  with eroding libertys and adding a tactical advantage to psychopath poachers who exploit the shortsighted and weak.

007The soultion is staring us in the face, yet we cant see it