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eric fischl- pretty ladies

Time flies like an arrow

And In the blink of an eye

 Under a canopy of stars

Under a half moon sky

A libra projection to satisfy my taste

 for a love song

How can we even make this work or

do you even want to try?

I want to kiss you goodnight, never kiss you goodbye

You fell into bed with that taste and a sigh,

Like a love song

I don’t want to fly, and I don’t want to wait

The sum of our decisions will define our fate

Under a half moon canopy my libra mind moderates

The Gods and the planets

Singing  love songs

Wisely and slow;

Compartments ought not expand fast

Yet time is of the essence, as time will pass

Let’s teach these torches to burn bright

Don’t kiss me goodbye, just Kiss me goodnight

In a love song