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mckenna haiku

Sunday Haiku

rivers haiku

Sunday Haiku

it’s pre-decided

the world turns and seasons change

with or without us



Sunday Haiku

time here is finite

embracing impermanence

transcends time’s limit


IMG_1048Gong In the new year

Best wishes and highest hope

Be here and be well

Venus and Neptune

grace be with the snow dolphins

from planet to pod



Tatiana’s daughter

What then, I wonder: we ought to become

Like others, we lovers, together as one

One flesh, one heart, one purpose, one love

For a man and a woman, as below so above

Too soon is an abstract when two minds agree

We know what we are; yet know not what’s to be

In the sunshine of truth, in whispers of rain

When words are scarce, they are seldom in vain

We as times’ subjects, obliged to a clock

We as loves’ objects, wound together en bloc

We as the universe: the Planets and Stars

We as archetypes; Venus and Mars

Tuesday with Chuck

The Yampa Valley at Steamboat Springs ,Colorado. Looking west  from the Chuck Lewis State Wildlife area






Sunday Haiku

A single candle

With an enlightened fire

can defeat darkness


Our  western  model of existence is architectural. That is to say a construct.

As one understands an operation of a machine by analysis of its parts, we try to dissect the parts  of  our existence into a point instance. Starting from our position or point of reference and working out.

We reduce these things into bits, into bites of thoughts. We describe the universe in snippets. One obvious limitation is our perception can only be as useful as it’s ability to perceive.


There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the narrow doors of perception