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singularity-syncronicity haiku

Sunday Haiku

waterfall haiku

Sunday Haiku

sunset haiku

Sunday Haiku

what we do today

will fabricate tomorrow

live a life with love


Sunday Haiku

Fall in love with life

Over and over each day

Happiness awaits


Sunday Haiku

little victories

persist, believe and achieve

with hope over doubt



Sunday Haiku

of nature and man

only change is permanent

this golden morning


Sunday Haiku

Gemini her Sun

Virgo as her crescent moon

She: Both love and grace



I can’t sleep tonight

I hate when I’m like this

Wandering around like a zombie

Munching on trail mix

It’s cold in the mountains

I thought the heat rises

The springtime weather

Is full of surprises

Up and down the stairs

I check my phone

Are you awake?

Words with friends before bedtime

Lets Re read the text I sent today

From an ex-wife in a past life

To a new lover now and here

In the course of today

I’ve relived the past half year

So then what does it matter?

The things that I write

I hate when I’m like this

I can’t sleep tonight


Tree of Wishes


Hope embraced

Cast a light

Upon the backdrop of a moonless night

 In her bed

When she’s not there

The smell of sage in  the cool mountain air

Alone, together

A brief eclipse

Like Planets in orbit or passing ships

If only, she would only….

I like to tell myself

Let her icons come alive, jump off the shelf

To guide her, to show her, removing the doubt

A tree of wishes, inside and out