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Sunday Haiku

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Sunday Haiku

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Sunday Haiku

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The earth has a soul

The Tao of the universe

between Sun and moon

ocean moon

Sunday Haiku

geometric point

where future becomes the past

we call this “the now”


Tatiana’s daughter

What then, I wonder: we ought to become

Like others, we lovers, together as one

One flesh, one heart, one purpose, one love

For a man and a woman, as below so above

Too soon is an abstract when two minds agree

We know what we are; yet know not what’s to be

In the sunshine of truth, in whispers of rain

When words are scarce, they are seldom in vain

We as times’ subjects, obliged to a clock

We as loves’ objects, wound together en bloc

We as the universe: the Planets and Stars

We as archetypes; Venus and Mars