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Sunday Haiku

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Sunday Haiku

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Sunday Haiku

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The essence of life

animating energy

of mind and body

spiral galaxy

Sunday Haiku

todays frustrations

can be obstacles to love

greet them with kindness

two great mysteries

the brain and the universe

reflect each other



Sunday Haiku

The saints and sinners
The daylight and the Darkness
Harmonic balance


Tatiana’s daughter

What then, I wonder: we ought to become

Like others, we lovers, together as one

One flesh, one heart, one purpose, one love

For a man and a woman, as below so above

Too soon is an abstract when two minds agree

We know what we are; yet know not what’s to be

In the sunshine of truth, in whispers of rain

When words are scarce, they are seldom in vain

We as times’ subjects, obliged to a clock

We as loves’ objects, wound together en bloc

We as the universe: the Planets and Stars

We as archetypes; Venus and Mars